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Initially, the blog was started at the invitation of “” (a music services website belonging to my eldest son) to become a “guest blogger,” to add some depth along the lines of black history perspectives. Since my life journey included various classroom and independent study explorations into ancient African history, African-American history and writing stints for a weekly black newspaper, it was felt that I might be able to offer some insight or unique perspectives to help generate traffic for his commercial website.  It did– probably beyond what we both imagined. 

However, after “rizingcubenterprises…” decided to shut down temporarily and regroup with a different web host for the future, it grew impossible to ignore the many requests from former readers to continue what was started with “Backstreet’s Blog” articles. Talking Drum: At Peace...

It’s still a ‘blog,” just another blog, pure and simple.  And the focus is still along the lines of past blogs: western hemispheric slave rebellion, ancient African history and various African-American experiences.  It’s a focus within the genre of what I call “The Missing Pages of History.”

Hopefully, you will continue to devour and demand the essays and blogs in a similar fashion as with “rizingcubenterprises…” Furthermore, it is hoped that you’ll stick around and join the conversation with your comments from time to time.

Meanwhile, thank you for listening, thus far…

Again, it’s just another blog, often with something controversial to chew on- but, hopefully suitable to your individual, inquistive and discernible palates. 

“Backstreet Djeli”  (w.d.s.)

About William "Duke" Smither (a.k.a., "Backstreet D'jeli")

William "Duke" Smither, author of “BACKROADS TO 'BETHLEHEM': Odysseys of the Maroon Warrior, in the Shadows of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade,” is a Frankfort Kentucky native; Richmond Virginia resident. Retired Public Utility Sr. Investigator and nuclear site worker, Married w/ 3 children and 6 grandchildren; U.S. Navy Viet Nam Era & Cuban Missile Crisis Veteran; Member of "Cuban Blockade Survivors" & The American Legion; B.S. Degree (Business Mgmt) w/ independent studies in Ancient African History and African-American History. Post-graduate studies in Criminal Justice Administration. Former Sports & Feature writer for the weekly Richmond Afro-American Newspaper, during Freshman year of college. Retirement activities include: Freelance writer, playwright, actor and director of faith-based community theater productions; founder of "Backstreet's Blog" ("Talking Drum Dialogues") at and former contributing writer for "BlackPast.Org," the international, on-line reference center for African American History. His debut novel, “BACKROADS TO 'BETHLEHEM': Odysseys of the Maroon Warrior…,” is the first installment of a possible historical-fiction trilogy. A second installment ["Passage(s) to Saint-Domingue...."] is pending completion.